Monday, February 18, 2008

Time Pass Quote & Time Pass Jokes

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Time Pass Quote-
Love makes the time pass. Time makes love pass. - French Proverb

Timepass Short Jokes

(1) An Ant saw strawberry juice & shouted: “Aaaah at last I visited the red sea!!!!”

(2) Two cockroaches were admitted in ICU,

The first Cockroach asked: “Raid???”

The second Cockroach replied: “No, Shoe!!!”

(3) An NRI sent a blank sms to his wife, why?

He didn’t want to talk to her!!!

(4) A man hit his brand new car in to the wall, why?

He wanted to test whether the airbags are working!!!

(5) Policeman caught a drunk man & asked: “Why your eyes are red?”,

The drunk man replied: “Actually i drunk tomato sauce while i was sleeping!!!”

(6) Two mad people were fighting on motorcycle, why?

They were arguing about ‘who will sit near the window’!!!

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